Anchor Astoria Lodge No. 729 Free and Accepted Masons

From The East

My Brothers,

Welcome to the web home of Anchor-Astoria Lodge. Although part of new York City, our home is in the special community of College Point in Queens County. Founded by local Masons over 100 years ago, we are still involved in our community's affairs -- a history we intend to sustain and build on in the coming year.

One of our major annual events is sponsorship of a Community Dinner at the First Reformed Church. The congregation has asked local organizations to host these monthly meals to provide a good meal at the end of the month for those living on limited incomes, or who don't have many opportunities to attend meals with other people. We are proud that Anchor-Astoria Lodge hosted the very first such meal, and is the only organization that has hosted a meal every year since the program started over a decade ago.

We also participate in our Grand Lodge program to recognize community leaders outside of Masonry by presenting the DeWitt Clinton and General Douglas MacArthur Awards. We have also been sponsoring a drug and alcohol abuse essay contest in the local schools for many years.

Located in the heart of "downtown" College Point, we are always happy to welcome visiting brothers from all recognized jurisdictions. You will find a warm and brotherly greeting waiting for you.

Our Lodge has several meetings a year when we welcome the public to our meetings; please join us.

Exciting things are happening in our Lodge, with a number of new and returned brothers eager to work, learn and have fun. We encourage all our brothers to come out and join us.

As you work your way around this website, you will learn more about masonry and Anchor-Astoria Lodge. Feel free to contact me or the Secretary if you have any questions.

I hope you enjoy your visit here, and would be glad to welcome you at one of our meetings.

Thank You,
W∴ Spiro Triantafilis